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The History of Cybersecurity

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The History of Cybersecurity

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Learn about key events and developments in the escalation of cyber attacks and cybersecurity since the beginning of the internet.

Key Terms:

  • Vulnerability
  • Worm
  • Antivirus software
  • Attack surface

Brilliant hackers of both the black-hat and the white-hat varieties face off against each other every day, with one side trying to steal information or crash computer systems and the other trying to stop them.

Explore the Interactive Timeline

Timeline: Major Developments in the History of Cybersecurity

The Digital Arms Race between Black-Hat and White-Hat Hackers

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    The Beginning of the Internet

  • 1971

    Creeper: The First Worm

  • 1973

    Reaper: The First Cybersecurity Program

  • 1983

    Hello, Internet

  • 1987

    The Spread of the Vienna Virus

  • 1987

    Virus, Meet Antivirus

  • 1988

    Internet Under Attack

  • 1990s

    The Anti-Virus Industry Explodes

  • 1999

    “Melissa” Causes $80 Million of Damage

  • 2000

    ILOVEYOU Infects > 50 Million Computers

  • 2001

    Fileless Worm Evades Detection

  • 2003

    US Gov. Recognizes Cybersecurity

  • 2007

    A Computer in Every Pocket

  • 2010

    First Weaponized Malware Program

  • 2012

    Antivirus Puts Big Data to Work

  • 2013–2014

    Largest Data Breach in History

  • 2018

    The EU Enforces GDPR

  • 2020

    The Rise of the Connected Device


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Technologies in Cybersecurity

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Learn about several different cybersecurity technologies that are already in use to protect your passwords, purchases, identities, and communications.